JH Custom Homes

JH Custom Homes & Renovation delivers expertly crafted custom homes and renovations on-time and on-budget. Locally-based in Lake County, Florida, founders Jamie Harris and Jim Hohman have deep roots in the community and nearly 6 decades of combined experience in the custom homes and construction industries. We strive to guide you through your project from idea to completion with clear planning, expert craftsmanship, and a shared vision.

Custom Home Building

A custom home can be within your budget! Some home buyers assume that custom homes are always more expensive than the alternatives. This is not always the case. Instead, directing resources towards the features and amenities most important to you can make a custom home a reality. You can experience the rewards of a home planned and crafted based on your personal vision and tailored for your preferences.

At JH-CH, we address a home’s frame first: the “envelope” of your home. Jamie provides expert consultation based on his experience in the lumber and construction materials industry and his knowledge of building codes across Florida (and even in the Caribbean). We’ll help you easily find your best balance between cost, energy efficiency, and hurricane resiliency.

The frame is just the beginning. At JC-CH, we move from the outside in. We tailor each room to your specifications and can work hand-in-hand with architects and interior designers. Jim brings expert oversight to your entire project, drawing from his nearly 4 decades of experience in every stage of the construction process. This guarantees that each detail receives the attention it deserves.

Thanks to this expertise, you can enjoy all the benefits of energy efficient design, home automation, and custom kitchens and bathrooms. We also offer custom trim and molding, home entertainment systems, water-conscious landscape design, new driveway & pavement additions, and even wine cellars.

At JC-JH, we are passionate about attention to detail and exceptional delivery. Whatever your requirements, we accurately project lead times and costs and deliver quality results with expert care. We understand that you want the complex explained as simply as possible, while maintaining control over important details. You can expect clear guidance and straightforward expectations throughout each phase of the process. We’ll build a partnership together, not just a home.

Landscaping & Exterior Design

Your home’s surroundings showcase its appeal. Whether you’re building a custom home, renovating, or adding to your existing structure, we offer landscape planning and driveway construction services to meet any requirements.


Your outdoor design layout is important, and so is choosing the best plants, trees, and shrubs for different locations on your property. Florida’s warm climate offers rich opportunity to incorporate great variety, so it’s important to understand which species are shade tolerant and thrive with low amounts of water. Wise choices can lower water usage, capture your vision, and avoid a replant next season.

Home Renovations & Additions

Let’s make something like new again, together. JH-CH understands that each home renovation is different. That’s why we handle everything from small jobs to total home renovations - even “complete gut jobs”. Examples of our services include kitchen and bathroom remodels, new deck construction, pool cage construction, trim and door replacement, flooring replacement, and much more. We’ll even help you replace fixtures and select new appliances.


Home additions should be exciting, not overwhelming. You may require a small bedroom addition, or decide to double the size of your home. We’re equipped to handle both and everything in between.


That’s why we meet with you and offer our design services to create the perfect plan and layout for your needs. Once the plan is set, we secure permits and work to complete milestones based on a schedule that you feel comfortable with before we even begin. We build from the ground up and manage the project from start-to-finish based on your clear expectations from day one.


Our Process




You have a dream and a vision. To make them a reality, a successful project plan is essential. A successful plan always incorporates 3 elements: Your vision, a phased project plan, and clear expectations that you can hold us accountable to. At JH-CH, we believe this process delivers peace of mind and a clear path forward for you through each step of our partnership.


From your initial consultation, we tailor options based on your unique preferences and feedback. Once we understand your goals, we provide a comprehensive set of selections that satisfy your desires but don’t overwhelm you. We’ll survey big picture elements first and then assess the finer touches. Decide at your pace as we move through each phase of planning. Really, we mean it!


Once the end goal is decided, we’ll map out a phased project timeline together. This entails consulting with you to create project milestones. Milestones include deadlines, and we communicate these clearly beforehand. Once we’ve mutually bought into the plan, you can hold us accountable to it during the entire project.


The JH-CH Difference

So, why JH-CH? We’re excited to leverage nearly 6 decades of experience in custom home building, renovation, and more to offer customer-focused, quality work for our clients. Lake County and Central Florida are our home and we share a passion for our community and for treating our local customers like our neighbors - because they are.


We’ll take the time to really listen to you. For us, understanding your goals is the most important part of any project. The size of your project won’t reduce the amount of care we take in understanding your vision and delivering excellent results. That’s why we set clear expectations and milestones. That’s why we ask you to hold us accountable. That’s the JH-CH difference.