Custom Home Building

Have you ever dreamed of your own custom-built home? Are custom homes always more expensive than pre-planned homes? No: A custom home can be within your budget! Directing resources towards the features and amenities most important to you can make your custom home a reality. You can experience the rewards of a home planned and crafted based on your personal vision and tailored for your preferences.


Our goal is to provide you with the best design possible using our 60 years combined construction experience with meticulous detail to create your dream home into a reality; starting with concept to overall budget we will make sure the home layout matches your needs with your family tailored to every detail.  Storm Resistance is another feature we proudly incorporate through design into every project.  Our experience with different types of construction will set us apart from other builders and it will show in the design, durability, and maintenance of every home we build.


The Envelope:

At JH-CH, we address a home’s frame first: the “envelope” of your home. Jamie provides expert consultation based on his experience in the lumber and construction materials industry and his knowledge of building codes across Florida (and even in the Caribbean). We’ll help you easily find your best balance between cost, energy efficiency, and hurricane resiliency.

The frame is just the beginning. At JH-CH, we move from the outside in, tailoring each room to your specifications.


Custom kitchens and bathrooms are often the most popular focuses of new homes. These offer great practical benefits while increasing the value of your home. JH-CH will work with you to design what you want through custom cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, and more - within your budget. Enjoy the freedom to design what you truly desire.

We doubt you’ll stop customizing with just bathrooms and kitchens. That’s why we offer home entertainment systems, home theater rooms, and even wine cellars. If you dream it we can build it!


Custom homes offer almost endless possibilities. Not just in rooms, but also in the finer details within them. Which doors and windows best meet your preferences for style and needs for energy efficiency? How will your fixtures, trim, and flooring complement each other? Which appliances match the style of your kitchen? Incorporating so many elements is exciting yet challenging. We’ll partner with you, your architect, and your interior designer to take your vision and make it a reality. Trust us, you’ll love the result.

Automation & Efficiency:

New homes increasingly feature connected and automated amenities we have adapted our homes to be as integrated as homeowner would like their home to be.  With the growth of WiFi compatible products, being connected with your home remotely through automation has become drastically less expensive as in previous years.  We have provided Home Automation on multiple homes to be capable of running everything from your interior home lights, Home Sound Systems, Garage doors, ceiling fans, motorized screens, alarms system, pool controls, kitchen appliances, to Exterior Lighting, everything from the convenience of your cell phone or Tablet!  These features have created a modern home reality that has connected us to our homes light years beyond the technology that houses were previously capable of.  Our team will help guide you through what makes sense for you and your family needs while not breaking the bank to provide as much or as little home automation you need.  In the end Home Automation produces considerable gains to energy efficiency and increases ease and convenience in everyday life.


Home Renovations & Additions


JH-CH understands that each home renovation is different. That’s why we handle everything from small jobs to total home renovations - even “complete gut jobs”. Examples of our services include kitchen and bathroom remodels, new deck construction, pool cage construction, trim and door replacement, flooring replacement, and much more. We’ll even help you replace fixtures and select new appliances.


Home additions should be exciting, not overwhelming. You may require a small bedroom addition or decide to double the size of your home. We’re equipped to handle both and everything in between.


That’s why we meet with you and offer our design services to create the perfect plan and layout for your needs. Once the plan is set, we secure permits and work to complete milestones based on a schedule that you feel comfortable with before we even begin. We build from the ground up and manage the project from start-to-finish based on your clear expectations from day one.


Landscaping & Exterior Design


Your home’s surroundings showcase its appeal. Whether you’re building a custom home or renovating or adding to your existing structure, we offer landscape planning and driveway construction services to meet any requirements.


Your outdoor design layout is important, and so is choosing the best plants, trees, and shrubs for different locations on your property. Florida’s warm climate offers rich opportunities to incorporate great variety, so it’s important to understand which species are shade tolerant and thrive with low amounts of water. Wise choices can lower water usage, capture your vision, and avoid a replant next season.