Custom Home Building

Have you ever dreamed of your own custom-built home? Are custom homes always more expensive than pre-planned homes? No: A custom home can be within your budget! Directing resources towards the features and amenities most important to you can make a custom home a reality. You can experience the rewards of a home planned and crafted based on your personal vision and tailored for your preferences.

Subsection - The Envelope: At JH-CH, we address a home’s frame first: the “envelope” of your home. Jamie provides expert consultation based on his experience in the lumber and construction materials industry and his knowledge of building codes across Florida (and even in the Caribbean). We’ll help you easily find your best balance between cost, energy efficiency, and hurricane resiliency.


The frame is just the beginning. At JC-CH, we move from the outside in, tailoring each room to your specifications.


Subsection - Room-by-Room: Custom kitchens and bathrooms are often the most popular focuses of new homes. These offer great practical benefits while increasing the value of your home. JC-CH can work with you to design what you want and choose cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, and more - within your budget. Enjoy the freedom to design what you truly desire.


We doubt you’ll stop customizing with just bathrooms and kitchens. That’s why we offer home entertainment systems, home theater rooms, and even wine cellars. If you’ve thought of it, so have we!


Subsection - Accents: Custom homes offer almost endless possibilities. Not just in rooms, but also in the finer details within them. Which doors and windows best meet your preferences for style and needs for energy efficiency? How will your fixtures, trim, and flooring complement each other? Which appliances match the style of your kitchen? Incorporating so many elements is exciting yet challenging. We’ll partner with you, your architect, and your interior designer to take your vision and make it a reality. Trust us, you’ll love the result.


Subsection - Automation & Efficiency: New homes increasingly feature connected and automated amenities that make up the Internet of Things or “IOT”. It’s no wonder: Automation produces considerable gains in energy efficiency and increases ease and convenience in everyday life.


Examples of automation include programmable thermostats, automated security systems, programmable lighting, and more. Whatever the system, we can seamlessly integrate it into your home.


Subsection - The JH-CH Approach: Whatever your requirements, we accurately project lead times and costs and deliver quality results with expert care. We understand that you want the complex explained as simply as possible, while maintaining control over important details. You can expect clear guidance and straightforward expectations throughout each phase of the process. We’ll build a partnership together, not just a home.